The most valuable asset of any company or organisation are the people who work in it. At Datacom we make sure that we employ the very best recruitment consultants who have the skills, experience and tools to help you find your next permanent role or contract opportunity.We strive to help all applicants, candidates and contractors connect with the best companies out there. Our connections will lead you to many of the leading corporate, public sector and IT companies operating in the UK. These include many household names in technology, banking and finance, media and the entertainment industry.

Some of our clients use Datacom on an exclusive basis: we are their sole supplier. So, many of the roles we offer will not be seen on any other recruitment or job websites.

The range of opportunities we offer is huge. Whether you are starting out in your career and seeking a junior role, or something more experienced such as technical design architect, Cisco Networking Consultant or programme director, we may have the role for you.

The majority of our roles are technology based; however Datacom sees a large volume of roles for IT sales staff as well as opportunities in HR, finance and procurement.

You can find details of many of the current roles, both contract, temporary and permanent here.

Alternatively please send your CV using our form.

We look forward to helping you take the next step in your career or to help you secure that next well-paid contract assignment.

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